the team

The core of the academy are the founders. There is a large group of specialists who are employed for their knowledge 

Marco Pot, Co-founder and Forensic Diver instructor

Graduated in 1993 at University of Amsterdam (NL) in economics, and in 1995 at University of Wageningen (NL) in environmental sciences. After graduation at the dutch fire academy as an fire officer, Marco worked at the Dutch Royal Navy as sub fire commander at the Dutch Royal Army as fire commander. Because of the experience as a diver and dive instructor a lot of experience has been gained in retrieving of drowned bodies and forensic research. He developed the diver course 'underwater crime scene investigator diver' to train divers, how to deal correctly with underwater crime scenes. Recently started with his PhD research in underwater body decomposition at the University of Maastricht.

Founder of the Underwaterpark Twiske, he developed a facility for scuba divers to visit the underwater world, and make acquaintance with the abundance of life under the surface. Offering internships to students, he educates these leaders of the future, to be the ambassadors of a sustainable future for our blue planet.